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  1. Mumu Hot Pot Sunnyvale:

    • Samantha G:

      Went on a weekday lunch and were seated right away. There weren't that many customers, only a few parties at once so it was pretty empty. The seats are separated with plastic barriers in case you get seated next to another party. This was my first time at a non-AYCE hot pot. There is lim

      We ordered meat lovers and for the 3 meats chose Short rib, toro, & chuckeye. The short rib was sooo good! Toro was my #2 fav. The meat quality was also great. For soup base we got tom yum and sukiyaki. I loved their sauce bar recommendation! We tried the sesame, garlic, cilantro, satay sauce and ponzu (unsure if it was sesame oil or sauce so I just went with sauce and it turned out pretty good). It's a smaller bar compared to other places but it has most of the basics. I wish they had soybean paste.

      All in all it was a nice experience. Perfect for me because I don't eat as much as my bf but if you have a bit appetite it can get very expensive and at that point I would just recommend going to a spot offering all-you-can-eat.

    • Juliet T:

      This spot is perfect for anyone who's tired of AYCE hot pot but still want to have a big portion of veggies + meat! No need to overeat/overstuff yourself since you can take your leftovers home... even the broth!

      For the people who love splitting things evenly, Mumu splits the meat and veggie portions perfectly! My friend and I shared the Mumu Combo ($68). This came with two trays of meat, a bunch of the essential veggies, and 2 sides.

      What we ordered:

      - Broth: (2) Miso

      - Meat: Australian Wagyu Beef + Kobe Beef Toro

      - Sides: Fish ball with roe + quail eggs

      I was taken by surprise the quality of the meat! The portion and thickness of the meats were perfect. Both the Australian Wagyu Beef and Wagyu Beef Toro had really nice marbling to it.

      Also, I recommend getting the Wintermelon Lemonade! This was slightly tart but very refreshing! It reminded me of TP Tea's wintermelon lemonade.

    • Ying Xin F:

      MuMu hotpot has a variety of soup bases, meats and seafood, that'll blow your mind! I got the 2 persons meat lovers set for $68, with tom yum and sukiyaki soup. The soup flavors were perfect with the marbled wagyu beef slices, beef chuck and beef short rib slices.

      They also have a self serve sauce bar that is complimentary with your meal. Even though it was a busy weekday night, service was great as they kept topping off my water and soup.

    • Monica N:

      One of my most favorite hotpot places in the Bay Area! The meat quality is always A+ and service is so nice. They have, if not, the best Tom yum soup ever. Everything is just so flavorful and you get a whole plate of veggies with your combos. The place is also very spacious and clean.

      Parking depending what time you go can be hard because they have one small parking garage that shares with the apartment area in the back. So if you can't find any there you'll need to park side streets.

      If you're in the area, definitely check out !

    • Sheila L:

      First time at Mumu and I really enjoyed the experience and the food! The meats were super high quality and delicious. We ordered a la carte because we weren't really sure what to get. However, it is definitely worth it to get the meat lovers combo and then add whatever extra items you'd like. I love the sukiyaki soup base, I even took the leftover soup home and cooked some noodles, meats, and veggies for a dinner!

      I came for lunch with my coworkers, we came for an early lunch so we got to be seated right when they opened. I would have preferred if we could pick certain sides, since not everyone eats everything. I really wanted more veggies and more rice cakes! They have a sauce bar where you can customize the sauces you want for dipping.

      The indoor seating is spacious, I really like how they have a bar seating section. Perfect for pairs or solo food trips! This is definitely on the pricier end of hot pot, but the food quality is worth it. For what we ordered, I was so full and even brought home some soup for a second meal :)

      Definitely would come back again!!

  2. Mumu Hot Pot Foster City:

    • Jeanette Q:

      Great food and plenty of seating!

      Finally got to try Mumu Hotpot for lunch and it did not disappoint. There was not a long wait on a weekday for lunch. There were plenty of tables but they did lack staff here.

      You order everything through the iPad. They do not have all you can eat but set menus. That eliminates the need to keep asking the workers to bring more food to you.

      Food was great! Would come back but hopefully they hire more people!

    • Robert C:

      This place is overall great, but I don't think it's worth the price.

      The service is attentive and friendly, the sauce bar is great, and outside seating is a nice option.

      But, the quality doesn't strike me as any better than the ample other options in the peninsula area. Especially the meat: our meat ("toro") was sliced too thick, not well marbled, and had chunks of untrimmed fat

      So while everything was still delicious, I can't justify choosing this restaurant over others like Happy Lamb (which I'd consider better quality) or seapot (which I'd consider similar quality, but gives AYCE, infinite variety, and the novelty of a conveyor belt). And all for similar prices once everything is added up

    • Pinarat S:

      The place was nice and clean. Service was great and fast.

      The food was good and the meat was fresh. I recommend to come here.

      I ordered a set 'lover for 2'. It was perfect size.

      PS. It would be better if they offer free ice cream hehe

    • Julia C:

      They raised their prices by a lot! But now the Wagyu doesn't have an upcharge and it's a lot less busy (no line on a Friday night), so I'm happy to pay a bit extra.

      We arrived at 6pm, and it was a really lovely time, two hours of sunshine before sunset. It was nice and warm. Lots of outdoor seating with plenty of shade.

      I tried the Sichuan broth this time and it was way too spicy for me! I just couldn't handle the ma numbing spice. So I asked to switch it out for Tom Yum, which they generously accommodate. Tom Yum is my favorite flavor that I've tried so far!

      Also tried the Wagyu Toro and really liked it! Definitely my favorite meat so far! Tried the shrimp paste & I wouldn't order it again.

      Overall, a great trip. Still my favorite outdoor hot pot place in the Bay Area.

      My optimized order:

      - Soup Base: Tom Yum, Miso, Creamy Tomato or Mushroom. Didn't like Sukiyaki, Sichuan Spicy was too spicy for me, so I imagine there's no way I could handle Buttery Spicy.

      - Meat: Wagyu Beef Toro, Wagyu Beef Chuckeye, New Zealand Lamb

      - Sides: Fish Tofu x 2

      - Noodle: House Ramen

    • Nini M:

      Sooo good!!! One of my fave hot pots! I got the Tom yum broth and did the meat lover deal for 2. It's definitely fulfilling! The flat iron meat was not good at all, i wish we got double toro! So good. They give you a lot of sides. The sauce bar is pretty good, but it's right next to the kitchen door so if there's a line to the sauce bar it's gets a little crowded. We got our food delivered but was never really checked up on. The place is spacious and good for big parties. Wait seemed pretty long but we had reservations. They also have outside seating with heat lamps. Can't wait to go back

  3. Mumu Hot Pot Pleasanton:

    • Jamie T:

      Best hot pot in town! Speaking from a highly bias hot pot/shabu lover from SF ;) I've been wanting to try Mumu, because my sister raved so much about it! Finally had time to dine here with my sis. Glad I did, because from food, service and ambiance was 5/5! Love the sauce bar and the cut of the meat was to perfection. We opt for the Meat Lover's option with Tom Yum soup base with extra veggies and udon. Sauce was made by my sister, it was delicious! Bon appetite!
    • Diana M:

      Visited MUMU with some friends on a Friday night. Place our name on the waiting list and took about 45 minutes to be seated finally for a party of 4. This place was poppin'! Mumu is a decent spot. The soup base was ok - nothing memorable. The service, however, was pretty slow and slightly unorganized. Our table setup was tight especially if you're ordering 6 plates of meat (3 plates per couple). There was barely any room on our table and it felt overwhelming. They could be a little more generous with the veggie portions. You make your own sauce at the sauce bar. IMHO, it doesn't come close to the Little Dipper Shabu Shabu in Dublin which was permanently closed due to COVID. Their beef bone broth will always hold a special place in my heart.
    • Andrew N:

      Came here again after shopping at the Livermore outlets across the street. This shabu shabu restaurant is one of the most popular shabu shabu restaurants in the Bay Area and i rally enjoyed my visit last time. I got the meat lovers combo, which comes with:three choices of meat, udon or rice, and a veggie plate. They also have their own sauce bar and I always make sure I'm using the sesame paste for me sauce. Beef tongue (5/5): This was so amazing. It's usually one of the more expensive cuts, but this came at no extra charge; so take advantage of this. They don't shy on the amount as well as they give you a whole tray. It's extremely chewy and I loved how all that fatty flavor just melted in my mouth. Toro (4.5/5): This is usually my favorite cut, but it was still delicious. Prime Black Angus ribeye (3/5): you can't definitely pass in this. It usually comes with 6 big pieces, but I thought I could've gotten something better instead Sukiyaki broth (5/5): Can never go wrong with sukiyaki. I love that sweet and light broth I highly recommend this place
    • Youa V:

      This is my favorite hot pot restaurant because they have great vegetarian options! Their tum yum soup is vegetarian!!
    • Elouise J:

      I really enjoy eating at Mumu hotpot! From the outside it looks really modern and I like that each person gets an individual pot instead of sharing. bonus points for offering vegan broths and vegetarian combos! When you arrive there is likely a 15-30 min wait, you can sign up on the iPad for the yelp waitlist although you cannot add yourself remotely it has to be in person. The wait is shorter if you're ok with bar seats. Wear layers if you can, it gets muggy with all the steam generated from the hotpots I started to sweat a bit! You scan the QR code on the table for the menu and ordering system, no need to wait for your server. You can choose from one of their combo sets or order a la carte if you want specific items. We've tried the meat lovers combo and the Mumu combo, both are good and it was plenty of meat either way you go. I like the vegetable set that comes with the combo, usually includes cabbage, spinach, bokchoy, tofu, mushrooms, squash, taro, and rice cakes. Really good variety of textures and flavors. If you look at the back you can actually see them shaving the meat to order, the beef was very high quality both times we went. The sauce bar was also well stocked with the usual options: ponzu, soy, garlic, sesame paste, sesame oil, cilantro, green onion, etc. Service was great too, never had to ask for a water refill as the servers were always on top of it. Overall really great hot pot, amazing value and not a long wait! Will definitely be regulars in the future
  4. Mumu Hot Pot San Francisco:

    • Ben X:

      Great hot pot place. Walk past here the other day and decided to give a try with a friend. I have the meat lover combo with short rib, M9 chuckeye, and the beef toro. The beef toro is the most tense but could be a little oily as it is 40% fat. The portion is perfect for two people. It came with a veggie platter as well. My favorite part is the sauce bar with variety of choice you could make your own. Would comeback again.

    • Anny C:

      Love the shrimp paste!!!! everything is so fresh, meat is super tender! overall 10/10 yum yum

    • Kevin H:


      I've been to 100s of hot pots/shabu experiences.

      And I can highly recommend this one.

      It's not the shamorgousborgous I'm used to at all.

      What it is... is tasty AF.

      From the soups to the sauce stations and the meats.

      I enjoyed the flavor.

      Quality over quantity at its finest.

    • Tiffany U:

      San Francisco is forever in cuddle weather -- which means it's hot pot season all year long! I can never turn down trying out a new hot pot spot.

      When I saw that Mumu Hot Pot opened by SFSU, I knew I had to try. What better day than after running the B2B?!

      Just a heads up, this is not an AYCE joint. However, the combo came with plenty of food and I left warm and full.

      We ordered the Meat Lover's Combo which consisted of two broths of choice (Curry for me and Tom Yum was the other), three plates of meat, two carbs (Instant noods and rice), and a large plate of assorted veggies.

      (+) We ordered all three beef options, and they were all tender and yummy. Such good quality.

      (+) Their sauce bar is unlike any other hot pot spot. Lots of options and some unique house sauces. I especially liked the peanut hot sauce and mushroom sauce.

      (+) We were both impressed by the Tom Yum and Curry broth.

      (+) The restaurant is spacious and the servers were attentive when needed. Our soup base and water cups were refilled and napkins were brought over promptly. I appreciate those small things!

      (+) The assorted veggies came with the Korean rice noodle. That was such a pleasant surprise!

      I foresee myself back here often. I just hope thst it doesn't get too busy! Street parking was fairly easy on a Sunday afternoon.

    • Mei Fu L:

      New hot pot place near sfsu. There's residence parking around. Inside was very clean and new with tables pretty separated apart and very high ceilings. We were seated immediately and given instructions/run down on the menu. We were also given complimentary lemonade which tasted great after the meal. We got the combo meal set for 68$. We got the tom yum and tomato broth. The tom yum was close to a mild/medium spicy and the tomato was heart. We chose the lamb, wagyu, and short rib. The food came out shortly. The quality of meat was really good. We loved the variety of sides too. The veggies were fresh and they even gave different tofus, taro, wintermelon, napa cabbage etc. Between two of us, we finished everything but we were super full so the portions are good. Theres also a sauce bar which was very clean. Service is really good and theyre very attentive. Definitely plan on coming again.