Our Story

Brand Story

Someone once said, "In Chinese culinary philosophy, food is not only nourishment but also a form of medicine. Each ingredient is chosen for its nutritional properties and health benefits."

Indeed, the reputation of Chinese cuisine has long resonated worldwide and has become a passion within us. After years of immersing ourselves in Chinese cuisine, we returned to the United States with a deep longing and fervent passion for Chinese gastronomy. Within me, there was an incessant search for a culinary realm, a place where the essence of Chinese cuisine and the flavors of America could skillfully blend together, supporting each other to elevate gastronomy to new heights.

That thought lingered within me until the day Mumu Hotpot was born. Going beyond the realm of Chinese cuisine, Mumu Hotpot introduces a fresh and impressive perspective on Chinese hot pot. It is a place where you will experience enchantment, immersed in an architecturally authentic Chinese ambiance that is warm and inviting. Once you step foot inside, you will find yourself compelled to return time and time again.

Our Story

Brand Philosophy

At Mumu Hotpot, we believe that customer satisfaction in their culinary experience is the minimum benchmark that a restaurant must achieve.

Mumu Hotpot aspires for more than that, not only offering the enjoyment of delicious dishes, but also providing a complete experience with a distinct Chinese touch. It is a place where diners can comfortably indulge in their own lifestyle within a romantic and cozy open space.

Our Story

Vision - Mission

Mumu Hot Pot aspires to become the most beloved Chinese hot pot brand in the United States, with a system of 4 stores and even more in the future.

We are committed to providing customer satisfaction to those seeking an authentic Chinese hot pot dining experience.

We are determined to establish a Mumu restaurant system that serves the most beloved and reasonably priced hot pot options.

We aim to build favoritism based on the quality of our products and the intimate, cozy open space experience that exudes Chinese charm.

Our Story